We offer a range of components some are stock items, some are handmade to the customers’ requirements; if there is something you haven’t seen in our gallery of photographs and/or have ideas of your own then please get in touch and we can discuss what we can do 
for you. 

We always aim to work as closely as possibly with our customers, as not only is the personal service very important but also from a customer’s perspective, we believe it crucial to explore different options so that your staircase is produced exactly how you dreamed they would be; our commitment and attention to detail are some of the underpinning reasons our reputation has flourished and why we are becoming a go to name for staircases. 

Our most regularly specified components are detailed as follows:

Newel posts 

  • 90mm x 90mm square oak posts 
  • 90mm x 90mm square oak post stop chamfered 
  • 120mm x  120mm higher specification square oak post
  • 90 mm  x  90mm square oak post with hand made details 
  • 90mm x 90mm redwood posts 


  • Traditional Loaf handrail oak
  • Traditional Loaf handrail Redwood 
  • Contemporary square handrail oak
  • Contemporary square handrail redwood 
    All our handrails, can be grooved for spindles and infill, or can be grooved to take glass panes.


  • Modern chamfered baserail oak
  • Modern chamfered base rail redwood 


  • 32mm oak square 
  • 32mm oak square stop chamfered 
  • 32mm redwood square 
  • 32mm redwood square stop chamfered


Most commonly our staircase glass for domestic properties is 10mm toughened glass, this has polished edges all around for safety and aesthetics. All toughened glass will have a small stamp in one corner to identify it as toughened and complying to current British Standards. We can supply other thicknesses and fire safety rated glass to suit all specifications.

Post caps 

The finishing of the top and bottom of a newel post can enhance the overall visual appearance of a staircase; we provide capped and un-capped newel posts. The capped newel is a more traditional style and the uncapped newel provides a modernistic appearance; this can be embellished with design features upon request.